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Do you want our expertise to design a custom garden space or a unique planter?  We have designed and installed gardens for condo patios, sloped yards, small spaces and more.  We love new challenges and will maximize your garden and make it functional for your space.

Pacific Fertilizer Company provides the fertilizer and the rest is history. Many people desire to implement a food system at home that can provide consistent food that revitalizes the body. 

Price may vary based on dirt type, condition of dirt and custom watering based on the type of plant. Concentrated fertilizer applications may require consultation to ensure plants grow at their peak performance. 

 Pacific Fertilizer Company Products provide plants with a well balanced mineral count that ensures all plants can grow in diverse contitions. This includes recommendations on utilizing LED Lights and frost protection for the fall and winter season. 

 Standard Fertilizer Application Price List 

500 Square Feet $1649
1000 Square Feet $1999
1 Acres $4,499
2 Acres $5,499
3 Acres $6,499
4 - 15 Acres $8,999
16 or More

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