Pacific Fertilizer Company was designed to improve the quality of life. Since 2012 Anthony Vasquez set out to solve a problem within the food chain. That problem led to men, women and children consuming food that may not be properly suited for their body. Anthony and Barbara Vasquez set their hearts on growing a new beginning. This beginning started with a seed and a need. In a garden of success, vital nutrients are needed in order to grow food without limitations. Each plant can decide what it chooses to consume in order to produce the highest level of nutritional value that the plant can offer. The plants chemistry is connected to the sun and the universe. Pacific Fertilizer Company revitalizes the soil and improves the quality of the plant and sun relationship giving it all that is needed in order to produce the way that relationship works. Pacific Fertilizer Company manufactures concentrated fertilizer in 3 strengths. Pacific Fertilizer Company only uses ocean based minerals without any growth chemicals including chicken or cow by products. Pacific Fertilizer Company filed a patent with the US Patent office through Buhler & Associates Patent Law Firm out of Corona California. Pacific Fertilizer Company has been patent pending since 2016.