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Pacific Fertilizer Company secific approach to dealing with Acleris comariana, also known as the Strawberry Tortrix, in a strawberry cultivation context. 

Scope of Work

  1. Pest Identification: Acleris comariana, or the Strawberry Tortrix, is identified as the target pest. This is important for understanding the problem that needs to be addressed.

  2. Fertilizer Application: The chosen method for dealing with the pest is the application of Pacific Fertilizer Company's Triple Strength Fertilizer. This suggests that the treatment involves strengthening the plants to help them resist or recover from the effects of the pest.

  3. Raised Dirt Frame: The strawberries are grown on a one-foot raised dirt frame. This could be a part of the strategy to protect the plants from certain types of pests or to improve drainage.

  4. Watering Process: During the watering cycle, the plants are hosed down at a 15-pound pressure washer. This might be a way to physically remove or deter the pests.

  5. Fertilizer Type: The fertilizer used is described as "concentrated ocean mineral based." This implies that the fertilizer is rich in minerals from the ocean, which could be beneficial for plant health.

  6. Pest Adaptation: It is mentioned that the treatment allows the strawberry plants to adjust to the Strawberry Tortrix attack. This suggests that the focus is on making the plants more resilient rather than completely eradicating the pest.

  7. Daily Monitoring: The plants receive daily monitoring from staff. This monitoring could involve checking for pest damage, plant health, and the effectiveness of the treatment.

  8. Pressure Wash Treatment: In addition to the fertilizer application, the plants are treated with a pressure wash. This could help in physically removing pests or their eggs.

Pacific Fertilizer Company outlines holistic approach to managing the Strawberry Tortrix in a strawberry cultivation setting. It involves strengthening the plants, regular monitoring, and specific techniques like pressure washing to protect and nurture the strawberry plants in the face of this pest.



Pacific Fertilizer Company Team Management - -Treating Acleris comariana, commonly known as the Strawberry Tortrix, in a strawberry cultivation context. 


Team Management Workflow

1. Pest Identification and Strategy Development:

  • Team Leader or Supervisor: Responsible for understanding the pest issue, determining the treatment strategy, and coordinating team efforts.

2. Fertilizer Application:

  • Fertilizer Applicator: This team member is responsible for applying the Pacific Fertilizer Company's Triple Strength Fertilizer as per the recommended guidelines.

3. Raised Dirt Frame Maintenance:

  • Maintenance Personnel: Ensure that the raised dirt frames are in good condition, provide necessary support, and repair any damage.

4. Watering and Pressure Washing:

  • Watering and Pressure Washing Operator: Operates the 15-pound pressure washer to hose down the plants during the watering cycle. This may require adjusting the pressure and ensuring thorough coverage.

5. Fertilizer Mixing and Application:

  • Fertilizer Mixer/Applicator: Mixes the concentrated ocean mineral-based fertilizer appropriately and applies it to the plants.

6. Pest Monitoring:

  • Monitoring Team: This group is responsible for daily monitoring to check for signs of Strawberry Tortrix damage and plant health. They report findings to the team leader.

7. Pressure Wash Treatment:

  • Pressure Wash Operator: Administers the pressure wash treatment as needed, ensuring that it's done effectively without damaging the plants.

8. Data Collection and Analysis:

  • Data Analyst (if applicable): Gathers data on the effectiveness of the treatment and plant health. Analyzes the data to make informed decisions and improvements.

9. Communication and Coordination:

  • Team Leader/Supervisor: Facilitates communication among team members, ensures everyone is on the same page, and manages the overall workflow.

10. Adapting the Strategy:

  • Strategy Adjuster (if needed): If issues or new information arise, this role is responsible for adapting the treatment strategy in consultation with the team leader.

11. Record Keeping:

  • Record Keeper: Maintains records of treatment schedules, observations, and outcomes for future reference.

12. Safety Supervisor:

  • Safety Coordinator: Ensures that all safety measures are in place, and team members are following safety protocols when using the pressure washer and handling fertilizers.

13. Equipment Maintenance:

  • Equipment Technician: Ensures that the pressure washer and other equipment are in good working condition.

Pacific Fertilizer Company divides responsibilities among team members to efficiently treat and manage the Strawberry Tortrix issue in the strawberry cultivation process. We assign a Tier 3 Team Leader who plays a crucial role in coordinating efforts, monitoring progress, and making adjustments to the strategy as necessary. Regular communication and data collection are tracked through Pacific Fertilizer Company Project Management Portal.