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Pacific Fertilizer Company manufactures concentrated ocean based minerals with a mission to redefine the way plants are nourished. With the support of ELISID Freedom Foundation, Pacific Fertilizer Company designed a fertilizer with a scientific emphasis during the equipment engineering phase while focused on innovation environmental responsibility.

The founding team of Pacific Fertilizer Company continues to fulfill its vision. With several proven models or measurable outcomes focus on the answers to more productive plant growth and eco-friendly agriculture that lay beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean. We are determined to harness the rich and untapped resources of the ocean to create a fertilizer that transforms farming practices into successful growing ventures.

Pacific Fertilizer Company also known as PFC began with extensive research and testing in 2015. PFC discovered the method of manufacturing concentrated fertilizer to provide the root structure with a treasure trove of essential nutrients and minerals that were vital for plant growth.

Pacific Fertilizer Company utilizes cutting-edge technology to concentrate these ocean minerals into a powerful, eco-friendly proprietary fertilizer that provides plants with the resources to grow in temperatures ranging from 30 – 125 degrees in flat dirt or raised beds.

Standard Strength Concentrated Ocean Mineral Based Fertilizer

Pacific Fertilizer Company is environmentally friendly and the minerals are harvested sustainably ensuring PFC does not deplete precious land-based resources.

PFC Standard Strength Application is designed for versatile use. Farmers and gardeners can apply it in open field settings, which saw increased yields and healthier crops. Pacific Fertilizer Company is also perfect for raised garden beds and helping anyone seeking certified organic produce at home. Hydroponics is a specialty where the Concentrated Standard Strength Application allows for precise and efficient nutrient delivery to plants grown without soil.

Pacific Fertilizer Company is at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, showcasing the power of human ingenuity when combined with a deep respect for the environment.  Pacific Fertilizer Company redefines farming practices and continues to pave the way for a more sustainable and greener future for agriculture. Pacific Fertilizer Company continues to inspire new generations of scientists, homeowners and farmers to harness the bounties of the natural world responsibly, all while working to feed their family in an environmentally friendly way.

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Pacific Fertilizer Concentrated Standard Strength Application