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Lee Bertha Pickett Allen is a compassionate and dedicated drug rehabilitation specialist. Lee Bertha had witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of addiction on individuals and their families. Determined to make a difference, she sought out innovative approaches to rehabilitation support services. Inspired by the healing power of nature, she trained under the renowned Dr. Al Sorkin and began assisting with agriculture rehabilitation support based solutions.
Lee Bertha understood that the road to recovery from addiction was not just about breaking free from substances but also about rebuilding one's life, finding purpose, and reestablishing a sense of connection with oneself and the community ultimately leading to being a productive working class citizen. She recognized that the therapeutic benefits of nature and agriculture could play a pivotal role in this process especially with our Veterans and homeless community.
Under the guidance of Dr. Sorkin, a pioneer in agriculture-based therapy, Lee Bertha gained extensive knowledge about the healing properties of working the land and cultivating plants. She learned how engaging in agricultural based activities could instill discipline, responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment—key elements in overcoming addiction and taking responsibility for ones actions.
Armed with her newfound expertise, Lee Bertha oversaw several rehabilitation centers throughout Los Angeles County.
Investing into P F C Farms with her extensive background, bridged several gaps in P F C Farms mission in improving the quality of life. P F C Farms birthed innovative programs with an agriculture emphasis where participants engaged in a variety of agricultural based activities with the ability to grow in the agriculture or culinary industry. P F C Farms transitional support services offered the ability for participants to learn how to tend to crops, urban farming, phase 1 irrigation and entry level plant management. Lee Bertha believed that these activities instilled a sense of responsibility and purpose, helping individuals rebuild their lives one day at a time.
Lee Bertha placed a heavy focus on participants not only learned practical skills but also reconnected with nature and themselves. They found solace in the simplicity of working the soil, witnessing the beauty of growth and the interconnectedness of life. As they worked side by side with fellow participants, they built a supportive community, encouraging each other on the journey to a sober recovery.
Lee Bertha's compassionate approach extended beyond the agricultural activities, losing her son to gang violence she harvested a deep compassion for improving the quality of life for all. . She facilitated group therapy sessions, individual counseling, and workshops designed to address the underlying emotional and psychological issues contributing to addiction. Her deep understanding of addiction and her ability to connect with individuals on a personal level created a safe space for healing and growth.
P F C Farms unique approach to rehabilitation support services continue to spread, attracting attention from other professionals in several fields. Lee Bertha and team P F C collaborated with drug rehabilitation centers, mental health organizations, and agricultural experts to share their knowledge and best practices to improve transitional support services for Veterans including those classified as homeless. P F C Farms host workshops and training programs to inspire others to incorporate agriculture-based therapy into their own rehabilitation services.
Through Lee Bertha's dedication and the transformative impact of P F C Farms integrating online and in person agriculture based solutions, lives are changed, families are reunited, and hope is restored. Graduates of the program leave with newfound confidence, armed with a new set of  skills, and equipped to make positive contributions to society.
Lee Bertha Pickett Allen's work as a drug rehabilitation specialist trained by Dr. Al Sorkin and her commitment to incorporating agriculture rehabilitation support services continues to inspire  many. Her compassionate approach and innovative techniques continue to transform the lives of individuals struggling with addiction, reminding us of the profound healing power that lies within the combination of nature, agriculture, and therapeutic support.